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Our facilities has a number of product lines to choose from, depending on your needs. We specialize in Parker Hannifin® products and have the capabilities to customize any hydraulic components to your specific requirements. Allow us to custom build your pump or motor to your specifications.

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Services & Support

We service all hydraulic components and the products we sell. Browse our repair services and full inventory, including our custom line of hose assemblies.

Repair Services

Complete in-house repair and testing facilities, we do it all.

Custom Hose Assemblies

Our hose assemblies can be custom-ordered to your precise needs.


You can rely on us having a full stock and fast turnaround time.

Engineered Solutions

We’re here not only to deliver excellent products and services, but expert advice and industry knowledge as well. If you’re looking to better your industrial solutions, we have just the components and capabilities you need. Find out more today about our tailored solutions.

CAD Design & Engineering

Our high-tech software allows us to increase our productivity and improve quality. So you know you’re getting the best solutions.

Wetline Kits

We are a top distributor for the manufacturers of the most popular wetline kit components, so you can be assured of quality.

Power Units

Your main distributor for power units and parts. We offer a complete line for all applications, including countershaft and front mounts.

Integrated Mobile Electronics

These solutions makes it possible to develop better machinery quicker and at a much lower cost, saving you time and money.

Quality Hydraulic Components

We have the products and knowledge to keep your equipment running smoothly. Whether you need new products or repairs, we’re your one-stop-shop.

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