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Monoblock and Stackable Control Valves and Accessory Valves

We stock a wide range of hydraulic components to build and complete just about any system imaginable.

The Parker® (Gresen) and Cross Manufacturing Monoblock Control Valve series’ offer a great product in a small one-piece body design. Options are available to accommodate cylinder and hydraulic motor operation, as well as various spool and shift type configurations. Parker also offers a wide range of stackable control valve models to meet any hydraulic system requirement. There are many different types of accessory valves for both mobile and industrial applications, all time tested so you can be assured of quality in both function and reliability.
Open Center / Closed Center / Load Sense / Pre & Post Compensated / Proportional/Electronic
Mobile Directional Control Valves | Parker
H170CF is mobile directional control valve of the monoblock type with an open centre.
  • The valve blocks can be flanged together to form a valve package
  • For either single or multi-pump operation
Directional Control / Pressure Control / Proportional / Electrohydraulic Servo / Sandwich
Industrial Valves | Parker
Offers a comprehensive range of directional control valves for a wide variety of customer applications, available in various types and configurations.
  • Industrial seat and spool valves
  • Hydraulically or manually operated
  • Valves for different applications and media
Manual Open Center / Closed Center / Power Beyond
Monoblock Valves | Parker
Designed to control single-acting cylinders or a uni-directional hydraulic motors.
  • Optional spool and spool positioner assemblies are available
  • Ideal for general mobile and industrial hydraulic applications
Directional Control / Pressure Control / Shuttle / Check / Proportional / Solonoid
Cartridge Valves | Parker
Innovative, yet simplified alternative to solenoid operators and stud mount valves.
  • Less manifold machining for a lower manifold cost
  • No manifold orifices to machine or press in
  • 100% tested with no loose parts
Fixed Flow Control / Adjustable Flow Control / Lock Valves / Relief Valves / Selector Valves
Hydraulic Accessory Valves | Parker
Enable and improve industrial and mobile machinery performance.
  • Innovative components
  • Complete systems to customers worldwide
  • Improve productivity and profitability
Inline High Pressure Ball Valves / High Pressure Flow and Needle Valves (Colorflow)
High Pressure Ball Valves & Flow Controls | MGG motors
Control flow direction and provide shut off
  • Support a diverse range of system requirements.
  • Available in stainless steel, PFTE, steel and brass
  • Offer a variety of seat and seal materials
Low Pressure Inline 90 Degree Ball Valves
Low Pressure Brass & Composite Ball Valves | Parker
High-quality low-pressure ball valves.
  • Provide full shut-off capabilities
  • Meet a number of material requirements

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