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We specialize in the Parker Hannifin® line of quality gear pumps and motors, which includes former brand names such as Commercial Intertech, Gresen and Tyrone. Offered options include choices of aluminum or cast iron construction, precision roller bearing or low-friction bushing type internal shaft rollers, and a wide range of mounting options and porting. Pumps and motors are available as single or multiple units.
Roller Bearing Pump/Motors | Parker
PGP020 Gear Pumps
PGP020/031/051/051/076 Series
Single and Multiple pump/motor, Flow Divider, Piggyback and Winch Motor configurations are available.
  • Speeds up to 2400 rpm.
  • Maximum Operating Pressure up to to 3000 psi (206 bar).
  • Output flows up to to 114 gpm 431 lpm).
  • Average PGM051 torque up to 2250 in-lbs @ 2500 psi (172 bar)
Bushing Pumps/Motors | Parker
PGP315/330/350/365 Series
Single, Multiple, Piggyback, and Thru-Drive assemblies. Heavy-Duty Application. Low Friction Design. Three-piece cast iron construction
  • Speeds up to 3000 rpm
  • Maximum Operating Pressure up to 3500 psi (241 bar)
  • Displacements from .465 to 9.00cir
  • Volumetric Efficiencies to 98%
Dump Pumps | Parker
C101/C102 Series G101/G102 Series
Direct and Remote Mounts available. All can be connected in two or three line circuits to control single acting cylinders.
  • Speeds up to 2400 rpm.
  • Maximum Operating Pressure up to 2500 psi (172 bar)
  • (C101/C102) 39 & 48 gpm @ 1800 rpm
  • (G101/G102) 9.5, 21, & 29 gpm @ 1800 rpm
  • Air remote operators available
Aluminum Pumps/Motors | Parker
P505/P511 Series
P505/P511 Series
Single or Multiple Configurations. Superior Performance, high efficiency and low noise operation at high operating pressures.
  • Speeds up to 4000 rpm.
  • (P505) Maximum Operating Pressure up to 3988 psi (275 bar) / (P511)
  • Maximum Operating Pressure to 3625 psi (250 bar)
  • Output flows up to 37 gpm Volumetric Efficiencies to 98%
Aluminum Pumps/Motors | Parker
P16/P20/P25 Series

Standard, Tandem, Priority Valve, Clutch Pumps, and Combination w/ priority valve.

  • Speeds up to 3600 rpm
  • Maximum Operating Pressure to 3000 psi (207 bar)
  • Output Flows to 38 gpm per section
  • Cast iron pumping sections for durability
Aluminum Pumps/Motors | MGG motors
MGG motors

Fixed Clearance Design. Bi-directional. Roller Bearing Design. Lightweight Aluminum Construction.

  • Speeds up to 5000 rpm
  • Maximum Operating Pressure up to 2000 psi (138 bar)
  • Output flows up to 3.03 gpm @ 1000 rpm

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