Custom Designed Solutions

Cartridge systems are engineered to meet the demanding requirements of your application.

Ensuring your cartridges are running smoothly guarantees a reduction in risks and helps boots performance levels. Our cartridges have unparalleled speed and strength and a reliability you can trust year after year of usage. All products are conveniently stocked so you can rest assured we have what you need when you need it. Cartridge solutions all have the ability to be customized—allow us to show you how we can specify to your needs.
Directional Control Valves | Parker

2/3/4 Way/Normally Open/Closed/Diverter

  • Spool type/Pilot Operated
  • Flows to 71 GPM/6000 PSI
  • Open/Cloesed/Transition
Poppet Type/Pilot Operated/Single and Dual Pilot Piston
Check Valves | Parker
  • Spool type/Pilot Operated
  • Flows to 80 GPM/5000 PSI
  • Single/Dual Pilot
Ball Type/Spool Type/In-Line
Shuttle Valves | Parker
  • Ball/Spool/Inline Type
  • Flows to 10 GPM/5000 PSI
Direct Acting Relief Valves/Pilot Operated Relief Valves/Crossover Relief Valves/Relieving and Reducing Valves
Pressure Control Valves | Parker

Sequence Valves/Direct Acting Relief w Check

  • Large selection Flow&Pressure Ranges
  • Many Cavity Sizes
2-Way Poppet&Spool Type/4-Way 2&3 Posistion Spool Type
Solenoid Valves | MGG motors

New Super Coil Exceeds IP69k Specifications

  • Spool Type/Poppet Type
  • Flows to 70 GPM/5000 PSI
Pressure Relieving/Normally Closed Flow Control/Directional Control
Proportional Valves | Parker

New Super Coil Exceeds IP69k Specifications

  • Open/Closed/Float
  • Flows to 28 GPM 5000 PSI
Bodies & Cavities | Parker

Aluminum/Steel/Ductile Materials

  • SAE Port Sizes 6 Thru 20
  • 5000 PSI Rated
Super Coils
Coils & Electronics| Parker

New Super Coil Exceeds IP69k Specifications

  • 12&24VDC/115VAC

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