Lift Bed & Hydraulic Winch
Truck System

This System is common for use in powering a smaller to mid size hoist bed and a hydraulic winch. Common uses are car hauling/loading flatbed trucks & trailers and farm equipment haulers and loaders.

Many options and configurations are available in the pump, control valve, number and type of functions, etc. We can custom assemble a kit to meet your particular requirements.


A Chelsea (Parker) Cable Operated Power Take-Off with a direct mount pump option.

A Commercial Intertech (Parker) hydraulic pump,  rated at from 10-18 GPM at 1200 rpm (dependent on particular requirements), with a pressure rating up to 3000 psi continuous duty. Direct mounted to the PTO, it eliminates the need for a driveline.

A Parker or Cross hydraulic two-section control valve, with an inline relief valve. One section for the hydraulic cylinder and one for the hydraulic winch motor operation.

Morse RVC (Remote Valve Control) controllers, cables and valve connection kits.

A Parker Inline Return filter assembly with flow capacity of 20 gallons and a 10 micron element rating is recommended.

A Hydraulic Reservoir with a capacity of 25 gallons is recommended. Reservoir should also have an integrated suction strainer and a return line port below the oil level, as well as an internal baffle.



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